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Great Apes in Front of the Camera

Colorfield worked with BBDO New York on their Peta Great Ape Pledge campaign, with a goal to end the use of great apes in front of the camera. Throughout its history, the ad industry has regularly used great apes in the production of  television commercials, usually without advertisers and agencies understanding the terrible suffering endured by the apes.

The core of the film is a developed by the incredibly talented folks at The Mill; the spot features purely CG apes and makes it clear that there really is no longer any need to use live apes in production. A behind the scenes video tells the story of the creativity and technology that went into creating the spot.

Colorfield’s role involved the development of a site ( to support the multiple campaign elements - including the spot, a downloadable ‘auto correct’ tool for word processing applications, biographies of some famous movie and television apes and an impassioned plea by Academy-award winning actor Anjelica Huston to end the use of great apes in entertainment. To voice their support for the effort, visitors can take a pledge never to use great apes in entertainment.

The site can be found at